Color Management

Recently I remembered something a painting instructor once said to me: "Your painting looks like your palette."

This was not intended as a compliment. In fact, the next thing she told me was that I would never be a good artist because my palette was too messy. I scoffed at that declaration then, as I do now- but I looked down at my palette the other day, and up at my painting, and realized the she was correct about the first thing. My painting does look like my palette- and this is why, I'm using the canvas to mix the paint on much of the time. It's a much a part of my process as any of my other tools and approaches. There's a back and forth that happens with the interaction of paints already on the canvas that I enjoy. At a certain point, I have to forget about being careful and just try to get a result that like. This method also strips away my overbearing need to try to control the painting, and to let the natural action of the paint dictate the results a bit more.