Gowanus Open Studios at Brooklyn Lofts & Galleries, October 2016

Gowanus Open Studios is this weekend, and Arts Gowanus helped arrange a donated space for some of us "displaced" artists from the building at 112 Second Avenue. who lost leases last month and were without exhibition space for the festival. We are thrilled to have a space donated by Brooklyn Lofts & Galleries in a space curated by Dylan Bauver; the building is run by Alex Robayo. 

In addition to our art, there are over 30 other artists showing in the building. There is also a live mural painting, live music and a food truck! 

Here are the details and Facebook event page: 

ROOM 12 at Gowanus Loft and Galleries; 61 9th Street Brooklyn
Sat & Sun, noon-6 pm, October 15th and 16th
Featuring: Jen Ferguson, Alex Nero, Mahalia Stines, Alexandra Baye, Sara Galkin, Kiley Ames and Tara Kopp.

It's always hard to move studios, especially when it's unexpected (the building was sold and leases broken) and miss a much needed opportunity to show work; for many artists, the open studio events are a much needed potential source of income. So we owe much gratitude to Abby Subak at Arts Gowanus, as well as Dylan Bauver, Alex Robayo and Gowanus Lofts & Galleries for their generous help- THANK YOU!