All looking is emotional.

art, place & passions

I'm a oil painter working in Brooklyn NY who specializes in paintings of place, landscape and architecture. My work is centered around interpreting the psychological aspects of place and space for me. The emotional connection we have to place and the powerful influence spaces have on the psyche is the overall theme which informs my approach; my paintings are explorations into these relationships. 

We see the world as we see ourselves. Our views are always changing and thus things and places never look the same twice. Landscapes and architecture are more than just places; they are informed by our inner life. Like the lines on our hands and faces come to us from experiences and time, places also imprint themselves on our inner mind.

These ideas inform the way I depict the inner life of architecture, landscape and place. In a way, my paintings of architecture and places are psychological portraits. 

Typically, my works are multi-layered and the finished painting will look as if it’s been around a long time. They often have an aged distressed look and there are many variations in color and surface texture which give them an antique feel. Layers of paint, scraped down, repainted and distressed are meant to echo the passage of time, organic decay and wear that define the character of a building or place. Even watercolors and drawings are worked on in layers, using the wearing of the paper to add to the look of the final piece.

 Most of my work is non-commissioned; I want to paint subjects that speak to me emotionally. However, I have done many commissions for the right project and when there is a symbiosis. In those cases, I will spend time to get to know the building or place to ensure I have enough of a feeling for the subject to make a quality piece of art. .

I have a limited number of paintings available throughout the year and update the available section of this website as appropriate. Feel free to contact me directly to check on upcoming available work. In most cases, works are completed in two cycles, Spring and Fall. Usually this means late May and early October.

Thank you for your interest in my work and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jen F.